Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Preserving: Strawberries

My family is picky about little, but when it come to the staple, PB&J, they will have nothing but strawberry preserves. I've given up trying to convert them to the affordable grape jelly and have decided to stock up on our own homemade version this summer. They are very pleased with the results!

Cut up strawberries to measure 2 cups. Smash with potato masher until desired consistency. Add 4 cups of sugar and stir one minute. Meanwhile, boil 3/4 cups of water. Add 1 package of pectin and bring to a boil stirring constantly for 3 minutes.

Add pectin to strawberry mixture and stir well until all of the sugar is dissolved.

Add to jars leaving at least 1/2 inch at the top. Let set for 24 hours. Refrigerate or freeze.

For these jars we used 5 pints of strawberries ($5.00), 3 boxes of pectin ($5.50) and a whole lot of sugar ($1.50). $12.00 yielded about 15 cups of preserves. The same amount at Aldi would cost close to $20.

Strawberries are priced at $.97/pint this week, so I'm on the hunt for some lower priced pectin (perhaps one that would require less sugar) to build our supply for winter. Any suggestions?


Saralyn said...

I want to try Pomona's Universal Pectin. You can use as low as 3/4 cup sugar or honey for freezer jam and if you cook it, you can make it without any sugar. My only problem is finding a it in a store!

Heather L. said...

Chrissy and I were busy doing the very same thing yesterday! :) wish we could find cheaper pectin too!

Chrissy said...

I have just discovered freezer jam too. We have strawberries for $.99/# so I bought a ton! My girls, who are very picky, love this stuff. And it is oh so easy.