Friday, July 10, 2009

Eat this, Not that!

Have you seen this book? I actually meant to pick up the adult version, but instead purchased the kids' addition. Wow! This book is packed full of informative tidbits and bright pictures that my kids can't stop looking at.

It covers all of the major restaurants by giving each a letter grade for nutrition as well as the best and worst items on the menu. There are some real surprises in there.

Also, there is a section on prepackaged kid foods. I'm not a huge fan of prepackaged foods, but sometimes they are unavoidable.

I saw the kids referring to it in the van on a recent road trip when we were picking a fast food place. If we're going to spend our money on overpriced food, than we might as well make it as healthy as possible.

Guess which restaurant was the only one that received an "A". Go ahead, guess.


Duckygirl said...

I'm curious now! Subway???


Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Hmmm... Subway would be my guess, too, except for that day in some horrible class at Milligan (Why can't I remember what it was called? Fit and Fitness????) where they told me that one Subway sandwich was my entire days' plus worth of bread. Tell us the answer, please.

Saralyn said...

Chipotle? That's my favorite, anyway. My luck, it would be Mickey-D's.

Shannon B. said...

My hubby bought the other two books about restaurants and grocery store, not the kid ones, maybe if we are done with them we can send them to you. I will ask him about it.

Monica said...

Chick Fil A? I really don't know! I was impressed with our food recently though. It seemed less like mystery food and more like real chicken and real potatos.

Monica said...

oh, and you're gonna tell us, right?