Saturday, December 27, 2008

Chili Cook Off

By the time my family gets together after the holidays we are about fooded out. This year to avoid having to prepare yet another big meal we had a chili cook off. This provided to be a very easy and tasty way to satisfy 24 people with enough leftover for dinner, too. There was white chicken chili, our family's traditional chili, skyline chili and Alaina's Southfork Chili. Providing toppings such as corn chips, crackers, Monteray Jack or Cheddar cheese, cilantro and sour cream allows everyone to make it their way.

What is your favorite kind of chili? Please do share your recipe or link.

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Saralyn said...

I'll give my shameless plug for the easiest chili ever--Ken's Railroad Chili. Se my post here. It's ground beef, tomatoes, kidney beans, onions, green bells, canned tomato soup, and a tablespoon of the "secret seasonings." Yum!