Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hotel Food

My kids love staying in hotels. Of course, they love to swim. But they are also BIG fans of the complimentary breakfast where they are not restricted to just one bowl of cereal or oatmeal like at home. Their eyes pop out of their head with sight of bagels and waffles and sugar cereal to choose from. Many times I have relied on this big breakfast to help make it through a long morning.

This weekend we didn't fair so well. We found an affordable suite with three queen beds, but no pool and no breakfast. We considered walking over to the Cracker Barrel, but we knew they couldn't fill up for the day there. Besides it would cost over $50 at least.

So last night I snuck out to the store and served them donuts, hot pockets, fruit, chocolate milk, j fruit and juice this morning. All together it cost $16 and they were more than pleased with these special treats. Whatever is left over, I will use for snacks later.

**I'm excited to show you a few new recipes coming soon that we'll be trying- fish tacos, crunchy baked chicken, salads and grill foods. So don't give up on this blog. I will post again soon:)**


Heather L. said...

Good job on the breakfast. I'm an avid follower of this blog, so I won't be giving up. And I can't wait for the fish taco recipe since Liz N. has inspired me to try them sometime.

Tisha said...

I am with Heather. I will not give up either. Especially now that we have 2 more kiddos on the way! :)

Duckygirl said...

Monica~ if you guys are there again tomorrow I've heard Cracker Barrel has refillable biscuits & gravy ($2-3 I think) I was told they don't advertise it as refillable you just have to ask...maybe worth calling about?