Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Grandma's Homemade Egg Noodles

This has been a family favorite for generations. It is the ultimate comfort food and usually reserved for special occasions. It is also inexpensive and can easily feed a full table.

Prep time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: approx 20-30 minutes
Serves: 10-12 (3 batches of noodles)
Cost: approx. $3.00

1 cup flour x 3($.75)
1 tsp salt x 3
1 egg x 3 ($.25)
chicken or beef broth ($2.00)
Pepper to taste

Make each batch of noodles for this recipe individually. Mix together 1 cup flour and 1 tsp salt in a medium bowl. Make a "well" in the middle of the flour and crack 1 egg. Pour in 1/2 egg shell of milk and mix with a fork slowly working in the flour from the sides or the bowl.

Continue adding flour or small amounts of milk as needed until the dough is well formed and no longer sticky. Lightly knead the dough on a floured surface and form into a disk.

Roll out the disk until very thin and let the dough dry until air bubbles are noticeable on the surface.

Lightly flour top of dough and roll into a jelly roll. Slice noodles thinly and separate to dry. Allow to dry at least 1 hour.

Add noodles to rapidly boiling broth stirring constantly. When noodles become plump turn down heat to continue cooking. Add pepper to taste.

Being that we are from Indiana, we must have our noodles over mashed potatoes. Everyone should try it at least once.

Cooking tips:
*Don't overuse the flour or the noodles will be bland. Use just enough to get rid of the sticky texture.
*Noodles can be completely dried before cooking.
*Chicken broth/beef broth left after roasting added to canned broth is optimal.
*It's better to use more broth rather than too little. The noodles will absorb quite a bit of liquid in cooking.
* Noodles can be stored in a bag and frozen. Just add frozen noodles to boiling broth.


Sniz said...

Yum, I'm from Indiana too, and we always have homemade noodles with our mashed potatoes!

Monica said...

Wow,Monica I can't wait to ty this one. We love southern cooking, mashed potatos with gravy and such are things we love! I am loving your new blog!

Tammy said...

My family is from Ohio...and we always eat our noodles over mashed potatoes too! Out here on the east coast NO ONE has any idea about what I mean when I say I want chicken and noodles. Yum, Yum! Thanks for sharing!

elaine@bloginmyeye said...

You might have to come over and hold my hand while I try this.

WunderMom said...

Awesome! I am totally making these homemade noodles to go in my homemade chicken broth next time! This post goes well with my Liquid Gold post over at The Grocery Cart challenge. I'm so glad I came across this! I hope you don't mind if I link to you on my blog coming up soon when I share what to do with homemade broth. Thanks for sharing!
Blessings, Becca

Hawkeye Girl said...

It's been several years since you posted this recipe, but it is EXACTLY what I have been looking for! This is one of my favorite dishes at family gatherings, yet nobody will say exactly how it is made ;). Approximately how long do you let the noodles cook for? Does the broth automatically thicken from the noodles, or do you add a flour/butter mixture?

Monica said...

Hawkeye Girl,

The noodles need to be cooked at a full boil for at least 20 minutes. It really depends on how thick they are. The thicker, the longer it will take. Just be sure to be give it a stir often. I often hold back some broth and add it in towards the end because the broth will thicken up quite a bit on their own. No need to add any extra flour. Hope you enjoy making them!!