Monday, October 13, 2008

Apple Butter

Saralyn wondered what ever happened to all those apples. Well, I couldn't get the apple peeler to work, so I resorted to peeling by hand. I made four apple crisps for the freezer and then gave up. So I cored and washed them all and put them in the crock pot over night. I added about a cup of sugar and lots of cinnamon. When I awoke it smelled divine, but looked like a big brown nasty mess. This was not the applesauce I had envisioned.

Then I researched online and discovered that I had in fact made apple butter! Who knew? So I added a bit more sugar, strained apple pulp through a fine strainer and put it in jars for the freezer. We've been enjoying it ever since.

Sadly, this is all that is left.

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Monica said...

I made apple butter once in the crock pot. It was the best we've ever had. I did not use a recipe, just a dump and cook method. I love cooking that way, but it makes it hard when you decide to try to recreate something that turned out good! Fall is so fun!