Friday, November 7, 2008

Freezer Cooking Co-op

I would not have survived the first five years of parenting had it not been for my friend, Beth, and her suggestion to make freezer meals together. There is no better feeling for a mom of lots of little ones than knowing that dinner involves making a selection, defrosting and reheating. Weekly planning, shopping, preparation and cleanup is SO much easier when all the work is 75% done before you even start.

Since that time I've been freezer cooking in large groups, with one friend and by myself at times. Different seasons demand different measures. But no matter the circumstances, freezer cooking has saved our family lots of money and time, as well as been a great way to build relationships.

This past year I've enjoyed freezer cooking as a fellowship time with other homeschooling moms. Once a semester we get together for an evening to bless each other with fellowship and food. It's like a very production Mom's Night Out. Tonight is one such evening. Early November is a great time to prepare meals ahead of time because the holidays are quickly approaching and each of us will be in need of some relief from kitchen duty in the coming weeks.

Next week I'll be posting a series on how to hold a freezer cooking party as well as some of our recipes. So stay tuned and pass the word along.

Monday- getting the word out
Tuesday- choosing recipes
Wednesday- assignment list
Thursday- shopping/preparations
Friday- cooking night

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Cindy-Still His Girl said...

You know I LOVE it! :) I did a post about it once and people STILL come back to it and get their own groups going. Mine is under WFMW ideas.